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Monday, 24 January 2011

I have a new Blog

Hello friends.
After losing this blog a couple of weeks ago and the trauma of recovering the content. I  still find it impossible to get a side bar up and running. A huge thanks to Daniele's son for getting me this far..
So, I have decided to take the easier option and open a new blog.  'Meggys Way'.
Thankyou all for following my here and I hope you might find a moment to come and visit me at my new home.


  1. Oh Yvonne, what a nightmare, how on earth did it happen??
    Anyway, off to your new blog to follow you!

  2. What a shame! I would be in tears! Don't give up on this blog spot, because you might get it figured out!

  3. Well there was enough here to whet my appetite and to be inspired by your decorated tags . thanks for visit and comment on my blog .

  4. aw sorry to hear about your blog loss..im on anew internet provider and need to change al my settings ..petrified tosay the least about loosing my blog so can fuly understand the trauma..im still with our old provider its not disconnected till next week but not looking forwards to attempting to change but they have been a pain so now whave new installed..so pass the gin!!! so any hints on how not to loose me blog could help lol!!! its only a blog but lots of love has been popped in glad however to see you up and running your tags are so beautiful and i love that peom,,love sassyxxx